Capstone Technologies and Proteus recently commenced onsite testing of AutoViri™ Builder.  AutoViri™ Builder is the first of several software products by Capstone Technologies aimed at assisting customers to optimize their USPS Mailer scorecard compliance.  

AutoViri™ Builder is a hybrid cloud/local software application built with the Proteus Platform and is complementary to Capstone's robotic automation solutions.  USPS and customer data is managed in the cloud with connectivity to an installed "Transport" application at the customer's location.

Handheld scanning devices communicate in real-time with the the transport application, which in turn communicates with the cloud to provide immediate feedback to operators on the mailroom production floor.  Managers are able to monitor error levels and error alerts on a real-time dashboard.

Capstone's initial predictions regarding the compliance checks to build into the product hit the target since USPS scorecard data has indicated the errors that Builder can detect are the most common errors occurring nationwide. The initial development completed last year supported first class mailers.  

Mike Miller joined the Capstone team as the product manager for Autoviri™ this year.  Mike's practical experience and leadership have been instrumental to adding standard class mail support as well as other key aspects of bringing the product to market.


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