Growing up in the NYC area, Joseph Knecht learned the science of navigating through challenges by helping engage diverse groups of people to find solutions at an early age. From his early years of leading street-ball leagues with peers in his Long Island neighborhood to a host of other entrepreneurial pursuits as a young man, this talent to identify the needs of customers and engage them in solutions shaped the contribution he now extends to international business-to-business (B2B) leaders across all industries.

The completion of his undergraduate career at West Virginia University and his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln led Knecht to hone his interest in leveraging technology to meet the ever growing demands and sophistication of today’s 24/7 on-demand world and the increasing complexity of buyer decisions in B2B sales processes.Today as CEO of midwest-based Proteus, Knecht’s focus is on leveraging technology to empower and engage buyers in complex B2B sales cycles. The company’s newest product, ProteusEngage helps sales leaders take guessing out of the previous “dark-out” periods that so often slow or kill the sale between qualified to close in the process. Joseph and the ProteusEngage team are helping sales leaders illuminate this “dark-out” period with a crystal clear path of personalized buyer engagement with multiple decision makers, all while eliminating the headache of having to add layers of infrastructure or additional employees.

Since landing in the midwest and joining Proteus he has coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch digital products and technology companies. As an avid outdoorsman he enjoys adventures around the world with his wife. He can be found hiking, fishing and boating and is often spotted scaling through underground caves or jungles with his friends and family.